Parnassah (Income)

Hashpa’ah / Spiritual Direction

What is hashpa’ah? The Hebrew term comes from the root which connotes shefa, divine flow; a mashpia (M) or mashpi’ah (F) strives to help people discern the presence of God in their lives. (The most common English term for this work is spiritual direction.) In my practice of hashpa’ah, I hope to help others navigate faith and practice in a way which encourages and fosters deeper relationship with the Divine — as my own mashpi’ah does for me.

My standard fee for spiritual direction is $65-100/session, sliding scale. Each session lasts for one hour; I am available to meet either in person in northern Berkshire, or via Skype with those who live elsewhere.

Lifecycle Events:

My fee scale appears below. If these costs are truly prohibitive and you’d like to work with me, get in touch with me and we can talk about it. But please consider what you would pay a florist, a caterer, a photographer — or, for that matter, a plumber, electrician, or musician — for their time, and bear in mind that what I bring to your lifecycle event is not only a well-crafted script for your ritual but also presence, a connection with God, and the intention of helping everyone there feel connected with you and with what they’re there to witness and participate in.

These fees cover the work of crafting a custom ceremony, meeting with you before the event, making myself available to you for questions and concerns from the date you hire me until the date of the event, and then leading your ritual in a way that is spiritually transformative and brings Jewish tradition to life.

Baby naming: $600

Wedding: $1200 for a local ceremony (in Berkshire County); $1500 plus expenses for in-state travel beyond the Berkshires; for a destination wedding that involves significant travel, drop me an email and I’ll share more about my feescale privately.

Funeral: $360 (this may be covered by the fees you’ve already paid the funeral home; you may wish to check with them about that.)

Unveiling: $360.

Bar/bat mitzvah: this one requires conversation, as I’m assuming that if I’m working with you or your child toward becoming bar or bat mitzvah, it’s an ongoing journey of learning together which culminates in the celebratory weekend.

Other ritual: for weaning a child, starting a new phase of life, entering menses or menopause, divorce, or other moments one might want to sanctify: drop me a line and we’ll figure something out.

I look forward to hearing from you!