Hashpa’ah (Spiritual Direction)

I was ordained as a spiritual director, or mashpi’ah, in 2012.

What is hashpa’ah? The Hebrew term comes from the root which connotes shefa, divine flow; a mashpia (M) or mashpi’ah (F) strives to help people discern the presence of God in their lives. (The most common English term for this work is spiritual direction.)

For me, hashpa’ah is first and foremost a relationship. In my practice of hashpa’ah, I hope to help others navigate faith and practice in a way that encourages and fosters deeper relationship with the Divine.

In individual hashpa’ah, I meet with individuals one-on-one, once a month, either in person or via Skype. For more information on my fees, click on the “Parnassah (Income)” link in the sidebar.

I’ve also done group hashpa’ah work, and may return to that at some point in the future — if you’re interested in being part of a spiritual direction group, let me know.